Explore our process

 to understand how we can help you

optimize your website

Step One: Discovery Call

The first step is a discovery call with us.  We will discuss your current business plan, goals, target clients, and what you would like to see in your new website.

Steppingstone Designs will take this information and create an outline of your site.  We will also create a mood board to help clarify the branding and style.

Step Two: Gather Your Content

Once we understand your goals and branding, we will provide you with a guide for gathering your content.

Our guide will help you focus on the most essential elements for your site so that your clients will find the information they need quickly. 

If you need assistance creating your content, we can provide some guidance. 

Step Three: Create Your Design

We will take all of the information we’ve gathered and create a demo website that will address your goals and communicate your value to your target clients.

You will be able to explore your demo website and make sure that it meets your needs.  The demo site will function exactly the way the live site will function so you’ll know for sure that it works the way you want it to.

Step Four: Review and Revise

Once you have a chance to explore your demo site, you can provide us with feedback and we can make any adjustments you would like.  We want to be sure that your site meets or exceeds your expectations!

We will also text your site on a wide variety of devices and screen sizes to be sure that it’s fully responsive.  Your clients will be able to view your site no matter where they are.

Step Five: Launch Your Site

Once we’ve completed all the revisions, we will be ready to launch your site.   

We will handle all the details of the launch for you so you won’t need to worry about the technical aspects.

We will also provide you with training in how to use and update your new site so that you’ll feel confident about the future!

We will guide you through the process so that your site will meet all of your needs.

Click the button below to schedule a consultation.  We look forward to speaking with you!